How to Customize General Settings

1. Go to Dashboard > Theme Options > General Settings

2. Here You have General Options to customize your Site.

3. You have more than one color scheme to choose. Select your "Color Scheme" Value from the Drop Down.

4. Enable Or Disable the " Breadcrumb Navigation Option "

5. When using Breadcrumb navigation you can choose which character to separate the path. Available options are " >, » and /"

6. Enable or Disable the "Numeric Pagination".

7. You may sometimes not like animations on homepage or even worry about that the user has to scroll down to look the content if so you can "Disable/Enable Homepage animation"

8. Enable / Disable the "Scroll To Top Button"

9. If you need to add any additional JavaScript, you can add Here.

10. You can add additional "CSS Style Code" Here.

11. Click Save Changes Once you're done with settings.