How to use Header Options.

1. Go to Dashboard > Theme Options > Header

2. Here You have Header related Options to customize your Site.

3. By default, the theme displays your site title (the one you set at Dashboard => Settings => General => Site Title).

4. However, you can choose to display an image, perhaps your company logo, a site title. You can do so here, by Enabling Logo as site title option.

5. Now that you've decided to show your logo as site title, you can upload the actual image here with Custom logo option.

6. Site description or Tag line is the one that displays below site title. You can set your tagline here Dashboard => Settings => General => Tag Line.. If you don't want to display the Tag Line, Simply you can "Disable the option" Here.

7. Enable or Disable the "Sticky Header Option" . So Scrolling the Page your menu will display at the top of the Page.

7.1. You can choose the "Sticky Header Position" from the Dropdown value.

8. You can upload the "Custom Header Background Image"

8.1. You have options related to set the Header Background Images like Header Background Size, Height, Position, Attachment,etc..

9. Upload Favicon for your site.

10. You can upload various Icons for various generation iPhones and iPads.

11. Enter your Tracking Code here. e.g. Google Analytics

12. Whether you load your Analytics in header or footer, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Choose yours wisely. Analytics in Header or Footer?

13. Click Save Changes Once you're done with settings.