SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization
Your website can be your 24/7 marketing team when you have done SEO right. Almost all internet users use search engines when they need information rather than asking for advice or looking at an advertisement. Benefits of SEO...

Increased Traffic: Getting search engine ranking is the most certain way to increase your traffic. Sure you can increase traffic by other means, but nothing beats search engine traffic!

Better Return on Investment (compared to Ads): You can also drive traffic through an online advertisement and social media, but organic search results are much expensive and give you the better return on investment compared to other methods.

Brand Awareness: When your users see your website in search engine results, you are creating and strengthening your brand. People trust search engines and the results they provide. Otherwise, search engines won't make money

You will get...

  • Installation and Configuration of Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin.
  • Migration from other existing WordPress SEO Plugin.
  • Optimization of Title and Meta Tags on Home Page, Categories, Tags and other taxonomies.
  • Generation of XML Sitemap.
  • Setting up Permalinks
  • Image Alt Tags Setup
  • Optional Setup of Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, and Facebook Open Graph Tags.
  • 30 days of one on one support

Provide us with...

  • Basic Information About the Niche and Company.
  • Your Primary Keyword or Phrase.
  • WordPress Admin Login Details.
  • FTP/Hosting Control Panel Login Details.
  • Facebook Page URL.
  • Google+ Page URL.
  • Twitter ID.


SEO Optimization

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Terms & Conditions

As concisely as possible, just a few rules we have to follow, so that everyones happy!


100% advance payment is required for all fixed priced services.


Fixed pricing services are not refundable.
We will refund 100% of advance amount if the project is canceled by us.


Revisions are complimentary for fixed price services. Any major revision outside of the original terms of service may incur additional charges.

Time Frame

By ordering service, you're agreeing to provide all necessary details and follow up with progress to make sure project is completed within one week


30 days of support via Email after project is done.